As of December 18, 2015, CWKB has published approximately 1,550 author and 5,200 work records as linked open data under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. It provides RDF, JSON, RDFA, and Turtle documents.

Downloading the Data

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Understanding The Data

The documents returned by describe author and work entries as a collection of subject-property-object triples using the LAWD ontology. Below each property is described.

dcterms:identifierSee here for definition. For CWKB, ID of a work in registries such as PHI, CTS, TLG.
dcterms:languageSee here for definition. For CWKB, Latin or Greek.
lawd:abbreviationA label representing an abbreviated form of a name or title.
lawd:CitationA Citation models a bibliographic reference as a resource. For CWKB, lawd:Citation gives the OpenURL of the work.
lawd:responsibleAgentConnects a work of any type to the person, group, or insitution responsible for the creation of the work.
lawd:responsibleForConnects any kind of author or creator to the work he/she/it is responsible for creating or contributing to. The author may be anonymous or fictional.
owl:sameAsSee here for definition.
rdf:typeSee here for definition.
rdfs:labelSee here for definition.